G. O. P. Grab Our P***

A decade ago, Donald Trump was sixty.  And admitting to—bragging about!—being a sex offender.  Not just making lewd comments about women he found attractive, and hateful and disparaging ones about ones he did not, but boasting that he regularly physically sexually assaulted women half or a third his age.  A dirty old man, bragging he could get away with it because he was so rich and powerful.  With victims young enough, in some cases, to be his granddaughters.

And then there’s Paul Ryan, that stalwart defender of women.  As long as, you know, they behave according to his standards.  Like, if they don’t want to use birth control ever. 
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Hi, everybody!

Sorry I have been incommunicado!  I have a boyfriend as of late January (my first in twenty years), and I'm finding my new relationship rather, er, absorbing.  In particular, not only have a lot of my attention and emotional energy been given to him, but I've been emailing him a lot and have started keeping a journal, so issues I had been using fiction and hp meta to explore (such as truthfulness and trust), I'm now writing about more personally and directly.  I have NOT left fandom, and I have been working a little on at least one meta--just, um, very very slowly.  Other things keep coming up instead.  If I decide actually to abandon UA, I'll at least post the rough and incomplete chapters for your delectation; if I decide to abandon Folly, I'll let you know.

And I am still reading what others write, so feel free to post on DTCL or to send me recommendations.

Thanks for your understanding!